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Sustainable Food & Farm Conference - Pond Workshop Links


Thank you for joining us for our special 1 hour "Managing and Restoring Ponds" workshop at the Sustainable Food and Farm Conference in Grass Valley.

Your interest in deepening your knowledge on a variety of key areas related to your pond and your pond environment is welcome, encouraged and to be commended.

We have created the following list to supplement our workshop presentation and to help you with your continuing journey with your own pond - new or existing, these additional resources will help.

  • NRCS Pond Practice Standard -- These are the standards that helped to create over a 100,000 ponds in the United States. These standards are the originals that all other agency standards are based on.
  • NRCS Pond Practice Specification -- Details on everything from compaction to spillways. You shoud seriously consider these guidelines when construction or renovating your pond
  • List of licensed pre-qualified Biological Consultants -- Have you been told by your county officials to get a Registered Biologist to do a report on your new pond site before it can be approved? Take a look at this current list of licensed biologists for get this need fulfilled. Don't recognize anyone on the list? Not sure who to pick? All should be equally qualified. Plan to make a few calls and interview them the way you would any contractor. We would recommend that one of the biologists you call is Glen Delisle of Delisle Consulting in Auburn. Glen is a retired fish & game biologist. He is highly experienced and easy to work with.
  • California Harmful Algal Blooms -- Voluntary submissions of toxic algal blooms mapped throughout the state of California (plus tons of additional information on algae!)
  • UC Davis California Animal & Food Health Safety Laboratory -- A world class laboratory which is local and available to each and every one of us for soil, water and tissue sample testing . . . for minerals, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, toxins and more (think you might have a blue-green algae bloom, this is the place to send your samples to be sure)
  • Blue Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) in Waterways -- An excellent Rutgers Univeristy Fact Sheet # FS1216 . . . What causes a Blue-Green Algae "Bloom" and how you can help stem the tide of this potential deadly organism in your pond.
  • Planktonic Algae - Conditions & Control -- A well written and to the point write up by Clemson University. Need to get your head around algae in your pond? This is a must read document.
  • Aeration & Circulation -- Clemson University does it again. Another excellent document to help share the critical benefits of circulation in the control of algae blooms.


If we can be of any further assistance or advisory, please dont hesitate to email or call.

Green Acres 101 wants to see you achieve your rural property goals and we know that success comes best and most efficiently when you have a trusted source you can rely on for support

. . . We are proud to be at your service