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All Private Classes are paused until 2024

Excellent next step!

By taking one of our private classes, you are on the way to all the best that your rural property has to offer you.

You will leave our classes with a new outlook, appreciation and better overall understanding of all that your property has to offer you and in some cases, very importantly, what it is not capable of doing too. Everything you do after taking any of our classes will be done up to 10x more efficiently and confidently then ever before.

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Do you hear that sound??? That is the sound of you sitting back and enjoying your property - instead - of fighting another battle with it.

The dream surely doesnt need to be a nightmare and we want you to rest assured that you have come to the right place and have finally found the right friends in the business . . . Green Acres 101, we are here for you!

We look forward to meeting you soon,


Keith Crabtree & Paul Weir