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So how do I start developing and managing my property?


By visiting our website, you have already begun the journey of growth in your personal knowledge, confidence and expertise in the many various aspects of rural property ownership.

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Have us out to do an on-site, private consultation, and walk your property with you.


Soils - what you have, why it is so important and what you can do with it


Ponds - site selection and management

Irrigation - design and management

Pasture - establish and management

Wildlife - enhancement practices

Other Areas - weed control (Star thistle, Blackberry, Poison Oak, Scotch Broom, et al.), native and compatible plants and plantings, erosion issues, fire safety, fencing, permaculture topics & much more



We stay connected using iPhones, but email has become the best way to reach us to schedule a consultation appointment or to discuss an up coming class. 


July 2021 - Class enrollments are closed




All Private classes -- Closed Indefinitely due to COVID! 


We are sorry to share that all private classes for 2021 have been cancelled until further notice


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email us directly at support@greenacres101.com


We look forward to meeting each of you (and your properties) soon!

Keith Crabtree & Paul Weir