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Aqua Screen - Aquatic Weed Control Barrier

Availability: Call Manufacturer, See Product Notes

AquaScreen is the best available benthic barrier material available today for meeting your bottom barrier needs. Think of a cross between window screen material and a mesh weed cloth, by preventing aquatic plants that are rooted to the bottom of the pond from getting sunlight, thus significantly hindering growth.  After positive control has been achieved at one location, the AquaScreen can be relocated to another location to control the weeds at the new location.  Minimal maintenance is required to keep your AquaScreen in top condition.

AquaScreen is more dense than water, making it sink and preventing it from floating out of position.  In addition, the barrier has excellent "breathing" capabilities which allows gases from decomposing biomass to pass through the barrier and escape to the surface.  Other products used for bottom barriers to not have the same gas passing characteristics as AquaScreen.  AquaScreen is durable and tear-resistant.  AquaScreen material can last up to seven years if maintained property and installed securely.

AquaScreen comes in rolls seven feet wide and 100 feet long.  The rolls weigh about 34 pounds and can easily be shipped to customers with minimal cost.

For more information about AquaScreen availability, related supplies, installation, and pricing, call or email us at Aquatic Weed Control.  We would be happy to assist you in evaluating how AquaScreen will fit your specific needs.

Pricing runs approximately $450.00 (US) per roll + shipping

Contact Aquatic Weed Control LLC in Seattle, WA at (206) 772-6036 or aquascreen@awc-america.com to discuss your AquaScreen needs and for product ordering.