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Pond Circulation Consult

Your pond is in need of help and you have come to the right place!

This section of our website is specifically for scheduling a Pond Circulation (Aeration System Design) Consultation

Once you fill out this form, we will be sent notifications and will call you back within 48 hours of receipt to discuss your specific situation at hand. 

The cost of an onsite Pond Circulation Consultation is $125* and this will include travel to your site, up to 1 hour on site, mapping of the pond, depth measuring of the pond and all calculations necessary for a complete Pond Circulation System that is customized for your specific pond and your pond location on your property.

Note: This specific consultation type is not to be confused with our 1/2 day pond consultations which are more detailed and cover a much larger range of topics. If you feel you would rather have a 1/2 day consultation, they are $300, and you can learn more about them, and our other offerings, here.

* $125 consultation price is due upon arrival, but will be credited in full towards the purchase of any recommended circulation (aeration) system purchase from us.

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Do you hear that sound??? That is the sound of you sitting back and enjoying your pond again - instead - of fighting another battle with it.

The dream surely doesnt need to be a nightmare and we want you to rest assured that you have come to the right place and have finally found the right friends in the business . . . Green Acres 101, we are here for you!

We look forward to meeting you soon,

Paul Weir, Michael Parrish & Keith Crabtree